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With 8 years experience in the Austin Area and 20 years over all, we have the knowledge, skill and  equipment to solve your carpet and tile issues.  Whether it is a regular clean, a pet accident area, or total restoration of your carpet or tile- we can do the job well and at a reasonable price.  I have a science degree so I know the chemistry of cleaning and I make it safe and natural.

Our Products and Services

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning process involves an evaluation of stains, an appropriate pre-treatment, steam cleaning and extraction, and a post treated deoderizer.  

Upholstery /Rug Cleaning

Application of fiber treatment,  steam and extract.

Tile/Grout Cleaning

Our tile and grout cleaning is an evaluation of stains, pre-treatment,  high pressure steam and extraction. 

Carpet Repairs

We offer repairs of carpet such as patches, stretching wrinkles, entry repairs, red stain removals, wax removals, and many other problems.